Signs your sewer line needs to be cleaned

Sewer lines form a major component in every residential plumbing. Dirty water from all plumbing fixtures gets its way out through this pipe, meaning that these lines are what that enable homeowners to maintain a clean and fresh home. As such, most people have one major question regarding sewers, which is, what are the signs to tell that I need a sewer line clean up? In this coverage are several points to answer this question. So, read on and get the answers to this question.

Slow draining sinks

Are your kitchen and bathroom sinks draining at a slower rate than usual? If so, this is the first sign to tell you that you should clean your main sewer line. As a sewer line starts to clog, the rate of flow goes low as water is trying to push its way through the clog. So, immediately you note that your sink is taking quite a long time to empty the water, immediately call for a clean up before the issue becomes too huge to handle.

Water back up in sinks

Another sign that should tell you that you should not hesitate but call for a sewer clean up is the backing up of the water you flush down the toilet or that you let down the sink. Once you note one of these two, you need to get in touch with a professional fast. This is so because such signs are unhealthy and they can cause a severe water damage that can damage your property. Therefore, if you get a water backup despite how little it may e, do not ignore that today as tomorrow it may get worse.

Increase in the amount of drain cleaner used

Are you using more liquid to clean the pipes currently? This is yet another sign to tell you that your main sewer line needs cleaning. The reason you are using more liquid drain cleaner is that the amount you used before is not strong enough to pass away the residue, meaning that the clogging is getting strong each day. So, instead of using lots of this liquid which is even unhealthy for kids and pets, call a professional to clean up your sewer line and regain back your healthy home.

Overflowing plumbing fixtures

An additional sign to hint that you need a sewer clean up is when you let water down your bathroom sink, and note that your toilet water is getting higher and even bubbling. Not only this, but you can flush your toilet, and see water gurgling up your shower drain. This should tell you that your drains are blocked. The reason this happens is due to the pressure build-up that causes water to be forced up to the other source that uses the same drain. Do not ignore this too, but call a professional fast to avoid a more complicated problem.

Foul odor

Other than signs that show up in your plumbing fixtures, you will note an odd smell arising from stuff rotting in the sewer line. So, when you note some smell from the pipes that lead to your home, this should tell you that you have stuff that has stayed in your drain for long, and it is beginning to cause a clog. Also, if you note some stains accompanied by a foul smell on your flooring, that should tell you that your drains are clogged, and you need to call for a clean-up too.

No one should ignore the signs discussed above. Note that once you keep using your plumbing fixtures and let water drain through the same sewer line, make the problem bigger, which might cause a water damage. Call for septic tank repair in Syracuse, NY as soon as you can to have your sewer line cleaned up.